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Japan International Dream School is the first English version school in Bangladesh established by a Japanese entrepreneur. Everything will be planned and managed according to Japanese rules and regulations. This school has been established with the aim of promoting quality education for the students to make them suit in the arena of globalization. The school has an area of 10 acres of land with four storied building and a large playground. The school has been equipped with all kinds of modern facilities that will create a better grooming ground for every student. This school will be operated according to the rules and regulations of Ikubunkan High School, Tokyo, Japan to implement dream education. National curriculum (English Version) and other curriculum with a global standard like a foreign language, computer program, music, dance, art, and sports will be followed. The academic program is going to start formally from January 2017.

Narayankul Dream Model School and College

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JIDS sports festival 2023

Date: 2023-02-10

At the beginning of the year, more specifically in February sports festival is arranged to give chances to the students to perform their skills in sports. JIDS sports festival has broken the convention. Students do not personally compete against other students rather they compete as being part of different teams. All the students are grouped into six teams named differently. Many local and Japanese games are played among the teams and gains scores. The highest scorer wins the Trophy. Through this festival, students learn the importance of teamwork.

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10th Anniversary Celebration Program

Date: 2023-01-25

Greetings to all. Dream School and College was established on January 5, 2013. This year our dream organization has completed 10 years. Ten years have passed just in a blink of an eye. During this time, we have got a lot of support from students, parents and local people. We have come so far today because of everyone's cooperation and involvement with this school.

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Cultural Festival

Date: 2021-12-16

A cultural festival is organized in JIDS campus on a fixed day. In the cultural festival, students show their activities to the public, guardians, friends, and students of other schools. Students themselves arrange the festival and manage the festival too. Students arrange food shops, handicrafts, and games and perform drama, jokes, dances, music, and many other activities.

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Dream achiever 1st term 2018

All of you are cordially invited to watch the program of `Japan


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Co-education in Bangladesh: Developing Personal Autonomy with Balance

Author: PR

The word education alone stands for the process of acquiring skills and polishing ones basic human traits in the finest by gaining knowledge under systematic instructions. Who knew just by adding the prefix Co- which means together will turn the word education into something more powerful than it already was.

So, what is Co-Education?
Co-education refers to a mixed-gender education system, where both boys and girls are being taught together in the same classroom. It is economical and also coherent.

The concept of co-education didn’t appear till 1714.  Archbishop Tension’s Church of England High School, Croydon in United Kingdom thought to be world’s oldest co-educational school. Since then the journey of co-education system hasn’t put to an end.

Co-education in Bangladesh:

Co-education is not a new term in Bangladesh. It used to consider a taboo before but Bangladeshi woman always had the thirst for learning. Begum Rokeya the pioneer of women's liberation in South Asia raised voice against the taboo and broke the barrier of discrimination. Women education stared its journey. From not letting women be a part of education to mixed gender schools, Bangladesh has come a long way. The rates of mixed gender schools are higher than single gender schools. Bangladesh’s co-education can be listed at various levels, they are

  • Primary school
  • High school
  • College/ University

Co-education system has advantages and disadvantages both.

Let’s start with the advantages first.


Personal and Social Benefit

There are plenty of benefits of co-education because this system first of all deletes gender discrimination. This particular advantage is very important because the real world demands a balance between two genders. One looking down on another or one not knowing how to communicate with the other can lead to many social problems. In mixed gender institutions students often do a lot of projects together. This develops their communication skills and helps to overcome the fear of opposite gender. Also provides a strong foundation for building respectful and enduring social and professional relationships. A recent study says that children tend to behave more decently in a civilized manner in the presence of other gender.

Educational Benefits

Well, all these advantages discussed above fall under personal benefits for future to tackle real world problems but what about educational benefits? You may ask. This question will bring us back to the point where we have talked about how man and woman are two poles of magnet and can have different perspectives. Co-education creates a healthy competition. Both groups try to surpass one another. This may encourage them to work harder they get more driven towards every tasks given to them. Because both genders can have different perspective, it’s very common for them to perform a similar task taking different paths. They will not only bring verity but also teach each other while solving problems.


Humans are the most complicated creatures with a powerful tool called brain. No matter how well the structure is not all will fit perfectly on it. Only talking about pros seems a little biased so, let’s talk about the cons too.

Personal and Social Disadvantages

Unethical activities are one of the leading disadvantages of mixed gender schools. Few may feel shy around the opposite gender this prevents from building a strong personality; low self-esteem issues are visible too. Bullying each other is common too, this can leave a scar for life and they may fall into depression. We all are aware of the saying, opposite things attract each other. An emotional involvement at an early stage can deviate from their goals. 

Educational disadvantages

Unwanted arguments and distractions can hamper their focus. Due to shyness students often remind silent even if they are facing any difficulty. Getting low score can demotivate them too.

The Conclusion:

With few curable disadvantages co-education can actually be benedictory to us. In a country like Bangladesh where gender inequality is visible till this day, teaching children in a discrimination free environment is much needed. As per human male and female are similar but by nature they are like two different poles of magnets. They can feel and think differently about a same situation. So, when this two pole of magnets are brought together many wonders can happen. Mix force can bring balance in society and have great contributions in our development that we dream about.



Japan International Dream School & College and Co-education:

Japan International Dream School & College’s academic program started from 2017 with their vision of solely exiting only for the welfare of students. This school stands on an area of 10 acres land with all kinds of modern facilities to fulfill their purpose of helping the students to have, pursue and accomplish their dreams. This institute falls under the co-education system listing four levels:

  • Pre-Elementary
  • Elementary
  • Secondary
  • Higher Secondary

All the advantages of a co-educational institute are fully provided by this institution.  They always organize such educational activities where both male and female students are encouraged to participate in groups. Some activities like:

  • General classes
  • Labs
  • Projects
  • Exchange classes with foreign students
  • Sports and Festivals  

In these students work together as a team this helps building a strong personality and eliminates obstacle in their way of learning and achieving goals. Despite all attempts a student might fail or some unethical situation may appear like other co-educational schools; Japan International School and College deals with this gently with counseling to ensure that no student loses focus of their dreams. Good teachers guide them so that they can become a better person. So, it is safe to say with this institutes well-structured system Japan International School and College has the potential to become the best co-educational institute.   


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How To Develop A Child: All You Need To Know And How You Can You Improve Them

Author: PR

'Raising a child' or 'developing a child' are entirely different concepts. When we talk about 'raising a child,' the first thing that comes to mind is ensuring proper nutrition and physical activities essential for physical growth; developing life skills is often overlooked. Indeed, food and activities are quintessential to a child's physical development. However, the concept of 'developing a child' does not limited to nutrition and physical exercise; it also includes the development of essential life skills in correlation with physical development as a child ages. That's why effective parenting practice emphasizes not one but both the facet of child development: developing physical and necessary life skills to ensure healthy growth. Although the journey of child development spanning from birth to early adulthood, the first five years of experience are crucial for any child's physical and brain development. By this early stage, every child must learn basic motor skills, and it's also the time when brain architecture starts to develop. According to experts, early childhood is the best time for laying the foundation of physical and life skills. Let us enlighten you on what skills you should focus on, how to develop a child, and what you can do to develop them.

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১০ বছর পূর্ণ করল জাপানি স্কুল

Author: সায়েক সজীব

বলতে বলতে ১০ বছর পার হয়ে গেল। অথচ মনে হয় যেন সেদিনের কথা। জাপানের পার্লামেন্ট সদস্য মিকি ওয়াতানাবে নিজেও হয়তো জানতেন না তাঁর এক বাংলাদেশি বন্ধুর অনুরোধ রাখতে গিয়ে তিনি এ দেশের এত শিক্ষার্থীর স্বপ্ন পূরণের উদ্যোক্তা হবেন। সেদিন তিনি টোকিও শহরে শিক্ষার প্রাণকেন্দ্র ‘ইকুবুনকান ইউমে গাকুয়েন’–এ ‘ড্রিম স্পিকার’ হিসেবে নিমন্ত্রণ জানান তাঁর এক বাংলাদেশি অর্থনীতিবিদ বন্ধুকে।

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